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Registration is open for the 1st Mission Arena in Gothenburg!

From 14th-16th November, Gothenburg will play host to the 1st Mission Arena organised by Blue Mission BANOS

The 1st Mission Arena intends to facilitate international collaboration and exchange of ideas. Through interactive sessions, workshops, engaging pitching events, demonstrations, and valuable networking opportunities, this arena aims to: 

  • Pave the way for innovative blue economy solutions in the Western Baltic (Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden); 
  • Showcase local, regional, and national approaches towards a circular, carbon-neutral blue economy;
  • Make a positive contribution towards the success of the EU Mission Ocean.

The 1st Mission Arena will place a strong emphasis on areas of the blue economy that have the potential to address the most pressing global challenges. The discussions will revolve around the topics of blue food, bioresources, biotechnology, low-trophic aquaculture, and multi-use to identify innovation gaps, asses funding and business models, examine regulations, and navigate decision-making processes.

The 1st Mission Arena welcomes all those who are active in the Baltic and North Sea regions and interested in the blue economy. Regardless of whether you represent Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or other state around the Baltic Sea, the Mission Arena is your opportunity to contribute to positive transformation of the blue economy sector. 

Register now: 

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