Coordinator of the EU Mission CSA "Restore our Oceans and Waters" in the Baltic and North Sea Region - Visit Blue Mission BANOS

We improve the blue environment and economy

The SUBMARINER Network is the cooperation platform for actors and initiatives across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Promoting innovative approaches for the sustainable use of marine resources.


Supporting the EU Mission Restore our Ocean & Waters

The EU Mission Ocean aims to protect and restore the health of our ocean and waters by 2030. At the SUBMARINER Network, we are coordinating Mission Ocean’s Baltic and North Sea Lighthouse Horizon CSA.


Your Blue Bioeconomy Hub

BlueBioMatch is the SUBMARINER Network’s community platform where anyone passionate about the ocean and biotechnology can connect. Meet likeminded actors, find opportunities, and learn about new projects and events now!

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We envision a healthy ocean and a productive sustainable blue economy

The SUBMARINER Network brings together actors from the Baltic Sea Region to promote innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources to protect our marine environment and promote sustainable economic development. The Network connects authorities, research institutions, civil society, and private companies, to integrate local perspectives into transnational frameworks.

Your guide to the sustainable blue economy

In addressing the multifaceted challenges of our time, we have strategically aligned our focus areas with the ambitions set by the EU Green Deal, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the EU Mission Ocean. Through our nine core solutions, we tackle pressing issues including overfishing, plastic pollution, eutrophication, competitiveness, biodiversity loss, climate change, rural desertification, and demographic growth. By integrating science, innovation, and collaboration, we aspire to pave the way towards a healthier, more resilient ocean and a sustainable blue economy for generations to come.

Our network members

Be a part of the blue revolution

Are you a blue economy professional? Or simply passionate about the ability of algae, bivalves or efficient governance and planning to change how our economy works? Explore our working groups and our community platform, BlueBioMatch, to connect with likeminded research partners, investors, and businesses to push forward your ideas.

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Blue economy resources hub

Here you can find relevant collection of projects, publications, and resources on the topic of sustainable use of marine resources and blue economy

ShapingBio Fact Sheets
Baltic Sea Country Fact Sheets
A mapping of initiatives, structures, instruments and key challenges for the...
SUBMARINER Brochure 2024
SUBMARINER Brochure 2024
The SUBMARINER Network brings together actors from the Baltic Sea Region and...
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Charting the Course: The Roadmap to a Sustainable Blue Economy | 2nd Mission Arena region
We recently completed the second BlueMissionBANOS Arena in the colourful city...
Sustainable climate-Friendly quality fOOD Ingredients from Marine side-stReams...
Tidal Arts
Tidal Arts
Transforming and inspiring aquatic landscapes through art and sciences
Blue Connect Project
Strict protection, restoration and co-management of Marine Protected Areas to...
Building trust in target groups for ALUM treatment - an effective, yet misunderstood...
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Algae value chains to reduce waste streams from producing industries
project logos (36)
Offshore Low-Trophic Aquaculture in Multi-use Scenario Realisation in North...
Sustainable Fisheries Working Group
Sustainable Fisheries Working Group
The Sustainable Fisheries Working Group meets online twice a year to discuss...
MSP4BIO’s Data Compilation App Now Availabl
MSP4BIO’s Data Compilation App Now Available 
Access to good-quality ecological, environmental, and socio-economic data is...
Algae Testing Packages
Algae Testing Packages
Cultured Supply offers algae testing packages.

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