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Mission Arena Workshop report: “Mussel sizes matter”

The output was relevant targets for Mission Ocean 2030, and concrete actions for deployment of the mission. Also, research and development needs and recommendations were formulated. Read or download the report below.

Roadmap 2030

Eight goals to transform the blue bioeconomy in the region

Development of Bornholm mussel production

In this report, the potentials and barriers that are considered relevant regarding Bornholm and mussel farming will initially be presented. Subsequently, the results and effects of the activities carried out in the projects will be presented. Finally, the future opportunities in relation to mussel farming and Bornholm will be outlined.

Alternative proteins and EU food law

In this publication the authors ask how European food law impacts the transformative potential of alternative proteins, including single-cell
proteins, plant-based novel proteins, cultured meat, macroalgae, and insects.

Baltic Blue Growth: Initiating Large Scale Mussel Farming in the Baltic Sea

Mussel farming has been suggested as a new economic activity for the
Baltic Sea Region, with several potentially positive effects on environment, nutrient cycling, food security and employment. Small experimental mussel farms have been present in the area for about a decade, and in recent years several new and larger mussel farms have been initiated.

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