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Blue Platform

Advancing blue bioeconomy capacities in the Baltic Sea Region


Mapping, workshops, conferences, and publications propel advancements in Baltic blue bioeconomy, promoting cooperation and defining future steps

The Blue Platform has realised numerous feats throughout its implementation period, including the publication of the comprehensive and interactive Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Actors Map: 8 comprehensive Topic Pages on Blue Bioeconomy Sectors; 8 Country Information Profiles: as well as a series of workshops (including on ‘Mapping Perspectives of the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic States’; ‘Innovative Technologies in Aquaculture’; and ‘Alignment of Aquaculture Legislation’. More workshops took place  online in 2021 due to COVID-19. The project organized the Better Off Blue 2.0 Conference and Webinar Series in 2021 and published Position Papers on Harmonisation and Alignment of Legislation relevant to the Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic (based on the Position Paper on Aquaculture Legislation), as well as a Position Paper on the Harmonisation and Alignment of Funding. The original SUBMARINER Network Roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy 2030 was updated with the support of Blue Platform.  The new roadmap is available under Roadmap BEYOND 2021.

In addition, Blue Platform has published a ‘Manual with Recommendations for Effective Blue Bioeconomy interventions in the Baltic Sea Region’ alongside a web-based overview of inspiring Good Practices from the Baltic Sea Blue Bioeconomy. 

The three-year Blue Platform project enables us to:

  • synthesize project outputs and make them easily accessible
  • promote achievements and the use of project outputs by sharing
  • them with all relevant actors, as well as integrate them in new initiatives
  • broaden & deepen dialogue and cooperation between the Blue Bioeconomy activities of the public sector, research communitiesand private companies
  • define the next steps to further advance the development of the Blue Bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea region.

2018 – 2021


Blue Platform was a consortium of 9 project partners, including SUBMARINER Network and our members.


Other partners


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