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Card Game To Discover ORE Job Profiles

FLORES project card game released

The EU-funded project Forward Looking at the Offshore Renewables (FLORES) aims to raise awareness about careers in offshore renewables.

To make these jobs visible and appealing to children, it has released a card game where they can discover 18 interesting and potentially unusual job profiles that contribute to offshore renewable energies.

Players should figure out job profiles by mimicking, drawing and asking questions to get a deeper understanding of the jobs.

There are many job profiles in this sector that you probably don’t know about. But everybody has a place in it, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

The job profiles that are included in this game are crucial to building offshore renewable projects. Some are performed mainly at sea (offshore), for example the job of a diver, while others are performed on land (onshore). Some require office or laboratory work – a marine biologist for example. And some others combine both work at sea and on land, for example a cable installation manager.

SUBMARINER Network is part of the FLORES project consortium – 15 partners from 8 countries work together in the FLORES project to execute 700,000€ funding from Erasmus+ through the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Read more and download the card game here.

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