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Blue Horizons Newsletter – Edition 2

MPAs, MSP & Ocean Conservation news

As in the first issue of our joint newsletter, we are thrilled to bring you this collaborative project that unites the audiences of both BLUE4ALL and MSP4BIO projects, to bring you the latest updates of these projects, as well as the latest news on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), and Ocean Conservation.

A highlight of this edition is a joint update on the recent workshop co-organized by BLUE4ALL and MSP4BIO at the 1st Mission Arena event in Gothenburg. Discover the insights gained and the outcomes of the workshop, including the much-anticipated ROADMAP 2030—a comprehensive strategy addressing key goals for sustainable blue growth in the Baltic and North Seas.

Explore the progress of BLUE4ALL’s Living Labs, including the co-creation of tailored tools for marine protection set to commence in 2024. Get a glimpse into MSP4BIO’s interactions in Split and the Azores, showcasing the project’s commitment to fostering maritime management stakeholders’ engagement. Moreover, mark your calendars for upcoming events, such as the International Conference on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in Singapore and the Baltic Stakeholder Conference 2024.

In this issue, we also bring you external news, including the State of the Baltic Sea 2023 report, developments from the EU Blue Parks Community, and insights into the ICCAT Annual Meeting’s decisions on sustainable fisheries. Don’t miss announcements like the launch of the EU Blue Champions scheme and the call for abstracts for the 2024 EGU General Assembly.

Read the full newsletter here.

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