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Roadmap 2030

Eight goals to transform the blue bioeconomy in the region

The Roadmap 2030 outlines steps to be taken for the accomplishment of the EU Mission “Restore Our Oceans and Waters” in the Baltic and the North Sea Regions. These steps, the eight goals and the corresponding action points, were elaborated during various discussions in the 1st Mission Arena organised in Gothenburg, Sweden within the framework of the BlueMissionBANOS. In a broader sense, the Roadmap 2030 demonstrates collective commitment and determination of relevant stakeholders to protecting marine and freshwater ecosystems by 2030. 

The Roadmap 2030 is available in English and can be downloaded from the BlueMissionBANOS website. The website now contains all the presentations and reports developed during the 1st Mission Arena.

And while the 1st Mission Arena is over, the discussions about transformation of the blue bioeconomy in the Baltic and the North Sea Regions continue on BlueBioMatch, an online platform designed for all of those involved in the sector. Join the platform now and become part of the change-making community!

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