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The innovation cycle – Methodologies to accelerate implementation of innovative solutions in the BANOS

The methodology was realised during the first of five so-called innovation cycles, during the first year of the project. The lessons to be learned from this first early on application allow it to act as a guidance document for the development of the coming four innovation cycles and to be further refined and improved during these.

This deliverable describes the framework for the collaborative planning of these innovation cycles in five business development regions in the BANOS area (T4.1). It further describes the developed model for the project to act as a facilitator, mobilising actors and initiatives to identify and raise awareness of innovative solutions as well as research and innovation needs. It specifically highlights how to foster co-creation with engaged actors and participants (T4.2).

Throughout BlueMissionBanos, the methodology aims to foster collaborations, know-how exchange, transfer and generation and ultimately, the development of an innovation ecosystem which accelerates the uptake of solutions necessary to achieve the Mission objectives (T4.3).

As shown in the last chapter, despite some drawbacks, the deliverable shows that the methodology developed and implemented in the first innovation cycle with the realisation of the first Mission Arena succeeded in fostering co-created activities and the prioritisation of action points necessary to be implemented as to foster the uptake of the innovative solutions identified during this first innovation cycle. Hence it serves as a good baseline for future innovation cycles to be implemented elsewhere, even though local conditions will always need to be considered.

Read the full publication here.

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