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Sustainable climate friendly; circular Blue Economy in the BANOS Area – Current Status and Assessment and Monitoring Approaches

The study includes a series of national surveys, desk research and expert consultations to identify regional priorities, challenges, and gaps in achieving sustainability, carbon neutrality and circularity in these sectors.

The report examines current assessment practices and indicators used at national and EU level. It assesses existing methodologies and highlights existing indicators relevant to sustainable blue economy initiatives.

The results of the analysis underline the diversity of approaches in different countries within the BANOS area, reflecting different levels of progress and focus. The report also highlights the need for greater coordination and integration of strategies across the region to effectively harness the potential of the blue economy.

The report provides key insights for policy makers, industry stakeholders and researchers, and serves as a fundamental resource for guiding future policies and practices in the sustainable blue economy sectors of the BANOS region.

The report also provides an important steppingstone for developing key performance indicators (KPIs) for sustainable blue economy in the BANOS area, BlueMissionBANOS project deliverable 5.2 KPIs for a carbon-neutral, circular blue economy.

Read the full publication here.

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