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European Marine Biological Resource Centre

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is Europe’s ‘research infrastructure’ for marine biological resources. We provide access to marine resources, as well as cutting-edge services and facilities that allow researchers, from both academia and industry, to study the ocean and develop innovative solutions to tackle societal issues.

The seas and oceans are the heart and lungs of our planet. They provide most of the oxygen we breathe and are an important source of food and medicine. The marine environment is a rich and largely unexplored reservoir of biodiversity with great potential for food and energy, human health, and industrial production. We need healthy oceans for our health and the planet’s. 

EMBRC enables researchers to better understand the ocean’s biodiversity. They facilitate access to marine organisms and their ecosystems, while providing the necessary services, facilities and other resources to support innovative research.

Read more about the Centre here.

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