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Guidelines to Promote Life-Long Learning in Offshore Renewables

The EU-funded project “Forward Looking at the Offshore Renewable Energies” (FLORES) feeds into the European Pact for Skills. It promotes a strong large-scale partnership to foster upskilling and reskilling of Europeans from all ages in Offshore Renewable Energies (ORE).

As part of this cross-country initiative, the FLORES team has released a set of guidelines on how to better stimulate dedicated training offers for the Offshore Renewable Sector, while also promoting innovative approaches in LLL (Life-Long Learning) and good practices for the syllabus design and teaching activities.

The final goal of these guidelines is to help train the ORE workers that this industry needs, as we face a very worrying shortage of skilled professionals across Europe, namely in emerging industries like ours. The numbers are clear: the Offshore Renewable Energies (ORE) sector will need up to 54,000 workers in the next 5 years across Europe. We must prepare for this challenge. The success of Europe’s decarbonization depends greatly on human capital.

Check out the guidelines here.

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