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InnoAquaTech – Decision Support Tool

The purpose of this tool is to give all interested parties an overview of how Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facilities work and which aspects are to be taken into account when constructing an aquaculture system.

It is separated into two main sections:

The first section, the InnoAquaTech Technology Overview, provides information about commonly used technologies in aquaculture facilities. It describes the most important technical components, the basic principals how they work and how they are connected. It highlights their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The second section, the InnoAquaTech Decision Support Tool, lets the user set up a virtual aquaculture system and simulate its performance in terms of resource consumption (environmental aspects) and running costs (economical aspects).

The output of this simulation is thereafter presented in a set of informative graphs.

Check out the InnoAquaTech Decision Support Tool here.

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