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Poster on MSP4BIO

Improved Science-Based Maritime Spatial Planning to Safeguard and Restore Biodiversity in a Coherent European MPA Network

Objectives of MSP4BIO:

  1. Improve the science base for the description of Ecologically and Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) and, for the identification of new restoration, enlargement, and management of existing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
  2. Develop and demonstrate a novel flexible management framework that integrates ecological and socio-economic dimensions for the prioritisation of strategic and spatial conservation-management measures.
  3. Strengthen the role of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) as an integrative framework to support the coherent implementation of relevant policies (Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Water Framework Directive, EU MSP Directive, the European Birds Directive and Habitats Directive, Common Fisheries Policy, etc.) as well as the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the Convention on Biological Diversity post-2020.
  4. Improved biodiversity and natural capital integration into public and business decision-making at all levels for the protection and restoration of ecosystems and their services.

You can view the poster here.

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