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SUBMARINER at European Ocean Days

At European Ocean Days in Brussels in March 2024, Angela Schulz-Zehden and Alberto Terenzi spoke about SUBMARINER's work.

At the 2nd Annual Mission Ocean Restore our Ocean and Waters Forum, a variety of stakeholders met in Brussels to discuss the most critical developments in the world of ocean restoration over the past year. The aim of the event was to combine stocktaking with steps toward implementation, with the ulimate goal of upscaling and facilitating the restoration of our waters.

Two members of the SUBMARINER Secretariat team spoke during the Forum. First, in a panel on climate neutrality and circularity in the blue economy, our CEO Angela Schultz-Zehden spoke on the project AlgaeProBANOS, which focuses on accelerating algae product development. During the panel, she spoke on the opportunities that algae cultivation could provide in Europe, emphasing the role of algae cultivation in a circular blue economy.

On a later panel entitled “Mission Ocean and Waters in action” Alberto Terenzi spoke about BlueMissionBANOS, highlighting the important role it is playing in bringing regional actors to the table to contribute to creating a path forward on the most pressing marine issues facing the Baltic and North Sea regions. At BlueMissionBANOS’ biannual Mission Arena events, regional stakeholders are brought together to co-develop a future-oriented roadmap outlining the region-specific steps to be taken to meet the goals of Mission Ocean & Waters.

You can watch recordings of the event here.

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