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The alignment of the regulatoryframework for the growth of the BlueBioeconomy in the Baltic Sea region

The Blue Bioeconomy is expected to produce protein, raw materials, valuable chemical compounds, biomass, paired with significant job creation. Its development can take place gradually or by exponential growth, going hand in hand with the enhancement of employment and prosperity of coastal communities.

With the use of novel technologies, the Blue Bioeconomy should attract young people as workforce, thus ensuring future for the sector. At the same time sustainability and the quality of marine resources utilised are of utmost importance for the success of the sector. Fairly many examples have been provided on the negative impact of economic activities upon the marine environment Therefore environmental law limits quite often the development of business based on the use of marine resources. On the other hand, maritime spatial planning is expected to solve a variety of challenges, when using the ecosystem-based approach in partitioning the marine space. Therefore, the question of licensing and criteria on issuing the permits for activities in the sea has appeared in the spotlight.

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