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Turning Aquaculture into Tourism Opportunities

UNITED on transforming the toursim industry in Greece

Nestled 60 kilometers south of Athens, Patroklos islet is a haven for tourists seeking a unique vacation experience. Rich with corals, fish, shipwrecks, and even a car cemetery, the Patroklos islet especially attracts diving enthusiasts. 

The Sikronis aquaculture farm located nearby, an establishment producing an annual bounty of 230 tonnes of marine Mediterranean fish, might also offer an opportunity for growth in the local tourism industry.  Within the framework of the UNITED project, Wings ICT solutions, farm managers, and the local scuba diving center Blue Planet seek to integrate the aquaculture farm into scuba diving tours. This innovative approach aims to provide divers with a spectacle – the variety of wild fish drawn to the area by the food provided for the aquaculture activities. In addition to enhancing the tourist experience, this partnership promises to advance activities of the aquaculture farm. Planet Blue’s marine surveillance and remote operating vehicles (ROVs) provide further opportunities for the improvement of fish farming in the area.

The UNITED projects doesn’t just aim to prove that these activities can coexist but also seeks to showcase the broader benefits of multi-use for the entire region. As the project unfolds, UNITED envisions a transformation in how the locals perceive the Patroklos islet. 

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